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We transport and dispose of bio-hazardous and medical waste from all over the Valley safely.


Biohazard Clean Up - BioClean-Up


Our first priority is to help families and businesses in their time of need. We care for the customers we serve. We will remove the biohazard and relieve this worry from loved ones, friends and family. No matter if you want to restore the area back to its initial state so that you may keep on living there, or if you want to put the property up for sale, our trained technicians will ensure that anyone who uses the property at any time down the road will not be put in harm’s way.


Biohazards are dangerous to the environment, to animals, and to humans. As well biohazards release small microorganisms into the air and onto surrounding surfaces. Essentially, it’s any type of waste that can cause harm to a human. Biohazards that we are trained to remove and clean are human blood and blood products, human body fluids, human and animal waste, pathological waste and sharps waste that are contaminated with infectious substances.


At BioClean-Up, we use EPA standards to clean and or remove biohazards. We have the correct permits and licenses to dispose of any contaminated materials according to local, state and federal laws. It is crucial to clean or remove the Biohazard as soon as possible and to make sure the area is safe with all potential hazards being disposed of properly.


About Biohazards and Cleaning


Body fluids can include blood, tissue, vomit, feces and urine. There’s a need to clean these up as soon as possible to avoid infecting others. These are often found on ambulances, on scene after accidents, in cars and in hospitals. Hepatitis B, for example, can live in dried blood for up to seven days. The only way to stop transmission of microorganisms is to clean them up with solvents that are strong enough to kill them. Regular soap doesn’t work. A strong disinfectant that is EPA approved must be used to ensure the microorganisms are fully killed off. It is important to understand what materials can be cleaned and what services can not be safely and effectively cleaned. For example, some services are too porous to clean effectively and it is best to remove and properly dispose of the exposed material.


Animal and Human Waste


Can contain bacterial infections like cholera, dysentery, and salmonella. Viral infections can also be transmitted from waste. The two most common of these are norovirus and rotavirus. Animal and human waste is not only unsightly, but it can pollute the environment, the groundwater, and be dangerous to humans.


Pathological / Sharps Waste


Pathological waste refers to any material that is infected with pathogens, such as animal bedding or anything that is disposable that may have contained blood or body fluids, such as blood vials. Sharps are used needles that can still have living pathogens on them and pose a health risk to humans.


We will respond to your cleanup at any hour of the day or night. BioClean-Up is 24 hour response to accidental death, crime scene cleanup, trauma and blood & biohazard cleanup scenes.




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